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The following testimonials are just some of the many we have received after Hollywood Survival Kit users had eye-opening experiences. The responses have not been edited.

From Irene Trinh about her recent trip to Viet Nam. She was using the Tromos emergency remedy which has the same formula as Dr. Bach's original Rescue Remedy."

I wanted to share with you the fact that Rescue Remedy probably saved our family vacation to Viet Nam! I gave the kids Rescue Remedy for the plane ride across the Pacific and then again when we spent the night at Hong Kong airport and even more on the flight home. It put us all in a calm state and more importantly, it helped me focus on what I needed to do and how I needed to act in front of my kids through the stand-by ordeal. Thank you for introducing Rescue Remedy to me."

From Allan Levine, production manager on "Popcorn with Maple Syrup, the history of Canadian Film, as seen on CBC 
I started using it heavily this October when I was shooting a pilot for Global. Now that that's over, I still find that I'm putting in long hours simply because i've a combination of ongoing paperwork from their show, new budget for upcoming projects, and a house and a four year old to look after while Cindy's at work. I'm basically fried!

To stave off numerous colds, I've been using # 2 , aconite, often in combination with #11, Echanacia throat spray. The results have been remarkable each time I've used them, including today.

I've also had several sometime nasty occasions to use #3, Anas Barbarai because on more than one occasion I felt exhausted and a little barfy at the same time. Lately, I've used #6 coffea (a strange name for something that relaxes you and lets you sleep), when my brain won't turn off at say, 12.30 in the friggin morning.

Speaking of which, the layout of the products and the book is particularly helpful when it's either the middle of the night or when I don't have the energy or patience to figure out detailed information about a product. Your quick reference guide helps me basically grab the remedy that I require quickly...and I can go back to sleep, or go back to work, more as like.

Thanks very much for this product. I'm spreading the word.

From Jeremy Shell, 20, Junior Varsity Rugby at UBC
The kit has been in my life for roughly a month and has had a profound impact on how I feel. I have never felt better! I suffer from severe excema and asthma. The kit's Mystic Air has provided relief for my asthma I never thought possible. I have completely ceased my two puffer a day habit (with pills for asthma) and am playing for longer periods of games then ever before.

The terrible itching I experience due to excema has been significantly eased by the use of the kit's callendula cream and Tromos, to ease the mental tension accompanied with the discomfort. I have also had excellent results with the kit treating day to day issues. Nux Vomica has cleared my head after many student binges, Arnica gel has helped to heal every rugby bump and bruise from a leg contusion to tense neck muscles. Coffea kept my head calm through midterms.

Although I was skeptical of the potential for Homeopathy to help me, I now understand that my life is improved by these medicines in a manner that other medecines could not accomplish. I am grateful to [John Board] for making my burdens easier to bear.

From Barbara Sumner Bustyn, writer, New Zealand

I was a skeptic about this stuff. But after pulling yet another muscle in my upper back I decided to try your kit. I followed your instructions to the maximum dose of Arnica Montana globules and within hours the pain was reduced. By the next day it had disappeared. Normally an episode like this leaves me constricted and in pain for a week or more.

Now I'm a convert and we're using your kit everyday as both preventative and cure. Thank you so much for demystifying the mystery of Homeopathy.

From Joan S, Schafer/Thurling Productions, Toronto 
Just wanted to tell you that I had a meeting with Anna S. the other morning early and after we discussed our business, I told her that I had gone home early not feeling very well and taken some of the remedies and now I felt fine. She laughed and said...I did the same thing for my sinus and I can't believe it but it's better.

What a gift!

From Lisa Brown

As executive director of The Workman Theatre Project, I must deal daily with actors, writers, staff and walk ins suffering from headaches, stage fright, anxiety, insomnia as well as first signs of flu and colds. Within a week of buying the John Board Hollywood survival kit, we packed up the bottles of Tylenol, Dristan and neocitran and shoved the box deep in the closet. Our members ask for Dr. John's remedies by name and they work with none of the usual negative side effects associated with drug store remedies. To be honest part of the fun is the enclosed guide book. Some one may come in complaining of one symptom and after reading the book, say:"I've got that and a bit of that" and wind up taking several globules under the tongue. Dr. John's Hollywood Survival kit is a wonderful addition to our office.

A testimonial from my brother Henry Board

Dear John,
As you know, I am currently here in Brazil by the coast ... The other day my partner's legs got hit by our kayak via a shore wave ... The thing caused 2 small puncture wounds to her shins ... A dose of antibiotics didn't seem to be helping much ... It is very humid here and small wounds can easily become tropical ulcers ... Then I remembered your kit and began with Ledum and calendula ... It has taken a week but the pus levels are now subsiding ... One wound has almost entirely healed ... Last week I came down with an infection of my own ... It was in the throat, mostly upper respiratory ... Began to use your Echinacea spray and got immediate results ... Appreciate so much that we have the kit along ...
Brother Henry

A testimonial from my Justine Estee, Film Producer

Dear John:
I am absolutely thrilled with the Hollywood Survival Kit. Lately, I have been suffering from a constant daily barrage of disparate maladies and your kit has provided swift, guaranteed relief for each and every one of them. Most impressive is that every single compound in the kit is reliable. There is not a dud in the pack. I now rely solely on it instead of my medicine cabinet and I will not travel anywhere without it. If only surviving Hollywood was as predictable.

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