How to Pre Save a Song on Apple Music?

Apple Music has a feature that allows you to add songs to your playlist ahead of time. You may search for the desired album under the menu item “Soon available” and then click the “Add” button. The impending release is also shown on the artist’s profile. The user’s library will be updated as soon as the release is ready.

Similarly, Can you pre save on Apple Music?

Customers may listen to one or more songs from a playlist before it is offered for purchase using pre-adds. Additionally, once the playlist is available for purchase, this feature will automatically add it to their library.

Also, it is asked, How do I pre save a song?

How Do I Create a Spotify Pre-Save? Go to for more information. Log in or create a new account. Go to while logged in. Select ‘Pre-Save’ from the drop-down menu: You’ll find an option to “Configure Spotify Pre-Save” if you scroll down. Paste the whole URI for your release in the Spotify Product Id’ box.

Secondly, Where is pre save Apple Music?

Scroll down the “Browse” tab, past “Best of the Week,” “Playlists,” “Music Video Playlists,” “Hot Songs,” “New Releases,” and “Videos,” and you’ll see a new category called “Coming Soon.”

Also, How does Apple Music pre-order work?

Some pre-ordered albums or sets feature a song that has already been published and may be downloaded right away. When you purchase these things in advance, the available music is downloaded and you are only paid for that song.

People also ask, How do I create a pre Save Link?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3 to set up a Presave campaign. Simply input your release’s information, choose your release date, and create your page. We’ll send you an email with information on how to enter your DSP track URLs on the release day.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you use Presave?

Sign up for a Soundplate Clicks account for free, then: Make a new hyperlink. Set the release date at a later date. You should also submit your artwork and activate the pre-save option lower down the page (no links are necessary).

Do pre saves matter?

The Information That Really Counts Pre-save data has no bearing on an artist’s chances of appearing in algorithmic or editorial playlists. In principle, pre-save promotions that produce large streaming on release might affect algorithmic playlist placement, according to Spotify.

What does it mean to pre-save an album?

A pre-save is the streaming music counterpart of a pre-order: before a major release reaches services like Spotify or Apple Music, fans are urged to save the album to their library, guaranteeing that it will be accessible instantly once it is released.

What does it mean to preorder music?

1. What exactly is a pre-order? Pre-ordering an album, single, or EP on iTunes before its official release date is known as a pre-order.

What happens when you preorder something?

The act of buying a product that has not yet been launched or created is known as a preorder. Pre-ordering is a useful sales technique that allows you to charge clients a deposit or the full price of a product in order to reserve it. The greatest part is that you won’t have to spend anything to have these items on hand.

How does pre-orders work?

A pre-order is a purchase made for an item that has not yet been launched or is out of stock. When they become available, they are mailed to the buyer. Customers may place pre-orders for things before they are released. However, various circumstances need different kinds of pre-orders.

To create a pre-save link using Music Gateway, follow these steps: Scroll to the top of the page to find the free tool. Fill up your artist information, such as name and Spotify ID. Upload a picture of the artist. Fill in the following information about your release: Date, Name, and Spotify Product ID are all required fields (read on to find out how to get your Spotify Product ID) Include a picture of the release.

How do I make a pre-Save campaign?

5. Log into your account and create a pre-save campaign. Select “New Campaign” from the drop-down menu. Select “Social Unlock” from the drop-down menu. From the campaign-type option, choose “Spotify: Pre-Save.” Enter the track or album’s Spotify URI. Set the date for the release. Personalize the appearance and feel of your campaign.

Can you Presave Songs on Spotify?

We do not allow fans to pre-download new music before it is published. Some record companies and distributors create their own programs to allow fans to store songs in advance. Inquire with your label or distributor to see if any tools are available. You can make your own tool if you have development resources.

Is pre saving a song free?

It’s free and comes pre-installed for DistroKid users. The pre-save link becomes a live link on release day. It captures the email addresses of those who have pre-saved your music. It allows folks who have pre-saved your music to additionally follow you on Spotify.

Why are pre-saves important?

The higher the number of saves, the more likely streaming algorithms will discover interest in your release. This is because pre-saves might result in a large number of saves, which can be converted into streams on release day.

Where do pre saves go?

A Spotify pre-save does exactly what it says on the tin, making things simple. You may give fans with a link that enables them to save a song and have it instantly downloaded to their collection on the streaming site as soon as it becomes available.

What happens when you Presave a song?

With a pre-save, a user may add an unreleased song or album to their Spotify queue when they first see it and then forget about it until the release date, when it mysteriously appears in their queue for them to listen to.

How do i pre-order from Apple?

You may “get ready for preorder” by going to the iPhone 13 page on right now. Consider it a kind of pre-preorder. You may pick which iPhone you want to purchase, whether or not you want to trade in your old smartphone, how you want to pay, and whether or not you want to reserve your basket until Friday morning.

How do I check my Apple pre-orders?

On your Mac, open the App Store app and choose your name or account profile icon. If asked, log in. View Information is the option to choose. Preorders may be found by scrolling below.

Do Apple pre-orders charge immediately?

Answer: A: Your payment method will be charged when your phone moves from processing to preparing to ship.

How do you preorder songs on iTunes?

Pre-order a product Click Store in the top-right corner of the search results to pick where you wish to search. Enter the code. The results of your search show in the iTunes window. Then click Pre-Order on the item’s Pre-Order button (an orange button with the item’s pricing).

Do you get charged for preorders?

A pre-authorization hold is only temporary, and your card will not be debited. However, depending on your banking institution, the amount of the pre-authorization may be applied to your credit limit for 1-8 days. Pre-authorization of your credit card is necessary to confirm your payment details.

How long should pre-orders take?

a period of two weeks to two months

How long are pre-orders?

You shouldn’t take pre-orders too far ahead of time. Depending on the goods you’re offering, it’s advisable to provide a pre-order for a week or up to two months. If it’s been more than a few months, customers will lose interest.

When should I start pre-Save campaign?

We suggest deciding on a release date two to four weeks before submitting your tunes. A particular release date is essential for arranging your pre-save campaign backwards from release day, as well as ensuring that your release will be released on a specified day or time.

How does HyperFollow work?

Anyone who hits the button on your HyperFollow page will be added to your Spotify playlist. More people to listen! Whoever hits the button will immediately save your album to their Spotify collection in addition to following your artist profile on Spotify.

Is Apple pre-order limited?

The only restriction is how many they will have on hand on the 24th. Regardless, they will accept your purchase and mail you the iPhone as soon as it becomes available. Pre-orders are completely unrestricted.

What does Apple preorder mean?

Apple will let you to go through a “pre-pre-order” period for the iPhone 12 small and 12 Pro Max, similar to how it did with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, which allows you to prepare everything ahead of time so all you have to do when pre-order time comes around is click buy. Until 9 p.m. PT / midnight ET tonight, the option should be accessible.


How to find pre saved songs on Apple Music? You can use the “Find My Songs” feature that is located in your account settings. The app will show you all of the songs that you’ve pre-saved.

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Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service. You can pre add songs to your library by using the “apple pre add” command. The “apple pre add” will then take all of the songs in a playlist, and save them as individual tracks on your device.

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